Updates of Server

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Updates of Server

Post  =Supreme= on Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:02 am

Updates 17/11/2011

  • Evasion Shield now is fixed will add more 15 evasion.
    Rapid Shot will add more attack speed.
    Song of Life Buff time changed from 4 minutes to 3 hours.
    Castle Crowns can be wear with mask.
    Circlets of Castle Give's : +3 MEN +3 STR + 100Pdef +100 Mdef +3 CON +3 DEX +3 INT
    Fixed All Castle Crowns stats.
    Fixed some skill reuse of Dominator.
    Fixed MC Heal of Inifinty Rod Staff.

Updates 10/11/2011

  • Dagger CAtk , Patk fixed
    Tyrant can use skills with bow,dagger.
    BladeDancers evasion lowered.
    AbyssWalkers evasion increased.
    BladeDancers can use bow.
    AbyssWalkers can use bow.
    Tyrant can use bow,dagger.

Updates 8/10/2011

  • Some of your skills are at pasive like Arcana power (so dont lower your HP) and more.
    Castle Crowns + Lord Crown have stats.
    Dusk Shield and Reflect Shield when get enchanted the M attack is increasing.
    Dance of Protection : 250 more p def, m def and time changed to 3 hours.

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